Hormonal Rescue Program

For busy people who want an effective way to restore their hormonal balance

About Your Hormonal Problems

Perhaps you’ve had all the tests done only to find there’s nothing medically wrong with you.

Perhaps you’ve spent $1000s with specialist doctors and trialling medications and other interventions that haven’t helped you to feel better. Or you’ve been told that surgery is your only option.

Perhaps you’ve already seen other natural medicine practitioners, but haven’t got the results you expected, and want to see someone who has a strong track record of solving the sorts of health problems you are experiencing.

Maybe you’ve been told you need to be on medication for life. Or that natural medicine doesn’t work for your condition.

Often it’s best to seek this advice from a practitioner who is experienced in prescribing natural medicine. Sometimes medications and surgery are the best options, but sometimes there are other things to address first to ensure you get the best outcome. A practitioner who is experienced at treating hormonal problems will help you to get the information you need, implement any changes, and navigate any decisions you need to make about changes to medications and surgery if required.

About the Hormonal Rescue Program

Our team take a practical problem solving approach to your health, and this program is targeted to effect real change on a physical level whilst also bring harmony to your mind and soul. We expect to see measurable improvements within a short period of time. You’re not signing up for 6 months of faith-based medicine.

For most people, significant changes in at least one or more aspects of your health will come within the first month of treatment. We are very quick to make changes if we feel that your treatment is not getting as good results as expected, and we usually has several options for your treatment if the first approach doesn’t work well.

Having access to our unique problem solving approach gives you access to a deep level of healing that is not always possible with a conventional approach to health. We are skilled at working in conjunction with your existing health providers, knowing how to prescribe natural medicines safely alongside any existing medications. We will interpret your blood tests into a classical Chinese medicine framework so that you can receive the best of the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine alongside modern herbal medicines, supplements and nutritional approaches. With a tailored, natural medicine approach that incorporates the best aspects of the currently available natural health approaches.

Patients find their way to us when seeking help for ongoing hormonal problems that have been unsuccessfully treated by other health providers. We takes the time to understand our patients, looking thoroughly across everything that has been done before to ensure we finds the most effective path forward for you.

We work with patients locally at the Discover clinic in Melbourne, and also work with patients across Australia and internationally via Skype or phone consultations. Patients working with us embark on a highly customised hormonal rescue program, with access to consultations with our practitioners via email, phone, Skype or face-to-face in the clinic.

Our reputation and expertise

Clare Pyers is known for her work with patients who have ongoing health conditions that haven’t been solved by anyone else. Over the past 15 years she has curated a select group of expert practitioners who each deliver specific aspects of this comprehensive program. Our patients are often busy people, and don’t have hours of spare time to dedicate to time consuming health activities. Clare has ensured that every aspect of this program gives high value treatment recommendations that are suited to people who don’t have the time to deal with the hype and false promises of the world of online natural health advice. Our practical approach to natural medicine delivers effective and quick results for our patients.

Our practitioners are registered and fully accredited Chinese medicine practitioners with combined decades of experience treating fertility and hormonal problems. Our practitioners have completed either a 4 or 5 year health science degree in Chinese medicine, and have spent thousands of hours of subsequent learning dedicated to enhancing our clinical knowledge in all areas related to fertility enhancement and hormonal problems. 

Foundations of Hormonal Rescue

If you’ve never worked with one of our practitioners before and want to get a sense of how we might be able to help you, this webinar is a great introduction to our expertise. It will give you a chance to get to know more about our approach, and whether or not you require more targeted advice for your condition. Many people can make huge improvements in their health simply by implementing the wealth of information presented in this info-packed webinar.

Next webinar is on Friday 18th November 2016 at 4pm Melbourne time AEST.

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Comprehensive Hormonal Assessment

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3 month Hormonal Rescue Program

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