We work with women who have complex health conditions


Our Expertise



We've worked with couples at all stages of their fertility journey for over a decade, working with couples who are wanting to conceive naturally, and those who are undergoing IVF treatment.

We believe the best outcomes are achieved when both you and your partner are on the journey together. Fertility problems can put enormous strain on a relationship, and working together as a team in this process can help to strengthen your relationship rather than it be a source of stress and pressure on your relationship.


Women’s Health

How often do we stop to think - were periods meant to be this painful? Was menopause meant to be this unbearable? Do I have to just accept that I get thrush after taking antibiotics? These problems and many others are definitely common, as natural health practitioners we think it's important to make the distinction between normal and common. We definitely don't think you should accept an ongoing health issue just because it's common.
We are passionate about helping you to turn your health around so you can live a life full of energy and free of the problems of hormonal imbalance.


Autoimmune Disease

The youngest members of our families are the most sensitive to falling unwell in rapid and dramatic ways. Thankfully, they are also prone to recovering in an equally rapid fashion. Because of their responsiveness, children generally require a lot less intervention than adults. Our practitioners have experience in working with children of all ages, from just a few days after birth, and throughout infancy and childhood.


Embark on a Natural Medicine Treatment Program

Your goal may be to be free of illness and get your life back. Your goal may be to feel younger and more energetic. You may want to perform better at work. Your goal may be to not feel so tired and grumpy and have better relationships with your spouse and your kids. Your goal may be to get yourself “out of the queue” for inherited/genetic diseases and lifestyle diseases.

Whatever your health goals, together we can design a tailored natural medicine program that supports you to achieve your goals.

We are currently taking new patients, which is good news if you’d like to work with us. Here are the ways we can work together

  • book a face-to-face appointment with us in Melbourne, Australia

  • book a phone consult, or an online consult (Facetime, Zoom, Skype)

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Our patients tell us all the time they wish they had met me sooner, and that their life is so much better than they could have ever imagined now that they feel well. We have a reputation for getting results for people with chronic or complex health conditions that haven’t been able to be solved by anyone else. If there’s something not going well for you in your health – please schedule an appointment today.